Are you working on a remodel job and need a reliable, licensed roofer to complete your team? Have you been burned by subcontractors who do shoddy work, keep erratic hours, and cause headaches for you, the client, and the city inspectors?

Top Line Roofing has spent nearly 20 years on the rooftops of San Diego County. This experience has given us an in-depth understanding of all aspects of a complete roofing job, including materials, installation techniques, safety procedures and building codes. We carry a C39 contractors license and all necessary insurances. In addition, weve built a strong reputation in San Diego County for being honest and fair in all of our business contracts.

Whether youre working on a remodel or a new construction, a patch or a completely new roof, your subcontractor woes will be a thing of the past when you give Top Line Roofing a call: 858-613-5242.

Our crews are committed to your satisfaction and our success!

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For more information or to book an appointment, call (858) 613-5242 or click the link below.

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