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A leaky, damaged, or time-worn roof can be the cause of serious concern to a potential homebuyer. Does your clients roof need to be repaired or replaced before listing the property? Should your homebuyer be concerned about the roof of their potential new home? Top Line Roofing will help you assess the condition of any roof in San Diego County so you can address your clients concerns with confidence.

Many sellers worry that the roof of their home will have to be replaced in order for the house to sell. This is a valid concern, as the cost of a new roof can seriously impact the final selling price of the home. A complete new roof may not be necessary, however. A thorough roof inspection by a qualified, licensed roofing contractor, like Top Line Roofing, can determine whether your clients roof requires a repair or replacement.

Likewise, your homebuyer may have fallen in love with the house, but its questionable roof can be a deal breaker. A new roof adds a bonus Wow to your buyers impression of their potential new home, and it just may be the clincher to make that sale. Whether your client is buying or selling, you can ensure your clients peace of mind by calling Top Line Roofing at (858) 613-5242.

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